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Reprise Software's Hosted Activation service leverages the Internet to improve delivery of RLM licenses to your software customers. RLM Hosted Activation complements the flagship Reprise License Manager product by providing you with a web-based license dispenser built on industry standards, so that you can deliver licenses to your customers 24x7x365.

Customers activate your application by entering a short activation key that they received when they ordered your product. The RLM activation software linked into your application sends the activation key and the user's hostid (obtained from the system) to the hosted activation server over the internet. There, the activation key is validated and a license is generated and returned to your application where it is stored in a local folder. Your customer never needs to handle or even see the generated license. The next time this customer runs your application, the locally stored license is used. No further connection to the Internet is required unless the customer would like to return the license and move it to another computer.

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